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Welcome to FSR our Roots Music Reviewers & Pod/broadcasters Community

If you haven’t hosted a House Concert yet, please make it a new year’s resolution!

Why not invite your favourite independent musician to play for your friends family and his fans in your front room, I’ll be surprised if he/she won’t show up sometime this year and play for you, let me know about it and if The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile is loose is near enough we’ll come and broadcast it too. If you would like to help keep the wheels on the Hub and on The Moose become a patron at

Happy Hosting, Happy New Year - Rob Ellen


Based in Scotland covering Europe, FSR working with The House Concert Hub 1st for the latest releases, tour info, & the best roots radio.



booking House Concerts

A New Jess Wayne Review - Somehow Overlooked from 3 Years Ago

Just found this from the "Miews". I think it says some interesting things, particularly about ageism in music and the treatment of older singer songwriters. I think my feelings were hurt when he or she only gave a "6" on Vocals... but as I read on, not so bad in context. :) 


RATING: 7.5 / 10

Genre: Rock, Blues, Americana
Songwriting: 8.5 | Music:…

Friction Farm duo in September

Folk duo Friction Farm will be in UK for our third tour! September 2019 with dates in England and Scotland. We would love to add to our calendar. We are Kerrville NewFolk finalists, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists, and winners of songwriter competitions. Audio, video, and information is on our website (although not yet updated to include our UK dates), We love traveling to UK, and have made many fans and friends across the country…

Rob McHale - North Carolina Based Songwriter and Storyteller

Hello !  I am songwriter touring in support of my 2018 release ' Prophets on the Boulevard '.   I will be in Germany in mid through late October 2019 and possibly into early November.  I often tell stories and songs about some of the greatest folk legends, i.e. Woody Guthrie, Tom Dooley, Jesse James, John Brown as well as a range of songs.  I have a flexible travel schedule and will be performing solo.

Michael J. Dwyer American Singer-Songwriter UK tour October 2019!

Hello distant cousins!

I'm planning a tour in the UK in October 2019. I currently have  2 dates booked in the Isle of Arran, Scotland, 10/19 & 10/20. I'll also be performing in London on 10/12 and Swindon on 10/25. Please contact me if you're open to hosting a show close to these areas and if the dates work for you! Thank you!

Still another US Singer Songwriter wants to play for you!

Greetings Friends,

Jess Wayne is looking for house concerts in the UK and Ireland from 5 August to 18 August. I have one gig in Speen on 9 August. I will be performing at Belladrum Festival in Inverness 1-4 August. I land in London on 11 July and thought it might make sense to hit Europe for 13 July to 30 July. Currently negotiating dates in Prague and Switzerland. Looking forward to meeting…


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Tom Snareside- The Phil Lee Interview from Will Mitchell on Vimeo.

Tom Snareside- The Phil Lee Interview

A recent interview with Tom and recording artist Phil Lee.
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Tom Snareside- The Phil Lee Interview from Will Mitchell on Vimeo.

Tom Snareside- The Phil Lee Interview

A recent interview with Tom and recording artist Phil Lee.
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Tom Snareside- The Phil Lee Interview from Will Mitchell on Vimeo. 

Chuck Hawthorne and Libby Koch Country Festival 5 10 2018

Country Festival Netherlands 5 10 2018 Chuck Hawthorne and Libby Koch

Merican Medicine Show Moose Mobile in session & conversation Matt Harlan Dec 2018 with Rob Ellen

With Houston songster Matt Harlan in Chuck Hawthorne's Garage following his appearance at Jim Wyly's Song Swap in Elgin (The Texas on) at the Liberty Tree, we talk about The Texas Music scene and his upcoming album and hear 2 of the songs

Blog Posts

AMY McCARLEY - MECO (Self-Released)

Here we have the third studio album from Northern Alabama singer-songwriter Amy McCarley, and what a fine set of players and co-writers she has in tow. MECO is co-produced with Kenny Vaughan and George Bradfute (it was recorded in his Maddison, Tenn studio). Hence the efforts of everyone involved could not wish for a better grounding. As for the album title, MECO it is an acronym of mechanical engines cut off. A term used when she was a contractor for NASA. It follows her 2014 album JET ENGINES

Other than Vaughan (electric lead guitar) two other members of Marty Stuart’s band, The Fabulous Superlatives play a role on the record, Chris Scruggs’ (the rhythm section playing drums, percussion and upright…


Posted by Maurice Hope on March 18, 2019 at 19:00

Scotland, England, Brigid Kaelin & Steve Cooley coming for you!

Scotland, England, I am coming for you!

BRIGID KAELIN  is a singer, storyteller, blogger and multi-instrumentalist who has appeared on BBC, NPR and received many "Best Singer-Songwriter" awards in Louisville, (she is also Elvis Costellos musical Saw player of choice). With 7 albums/EPs of original alt-country-cabaret music, she's toured the world. Brigid's live show is entertaining, upbeat, but poignant. The…


Posted by Editorial on March 17, 2019 at 13:00



Texas singer-songwriter Adam Carroll is someone, until this record I wasn’t too familiar with. But from the off a feeling that I have been missing out, badly was established. And I mean badly, for here is a wonderful talent. Walked In Them Shoes is his eighth record since he started recording in 1998 (South Of Town). I can hear traces of Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt and James McMurtry in his writing style, and with Lloyd Maines his producer the material could not be in better hands.

WMusician wise, it vies towards minimal as the musicians present are only Carroll on acoustic guitar, harmonica, harmonium and keyboards and Maines on pedal steel, slide and…


Posted by Maurice Hope on March 9, 2019 at 20:00


Now North Carolina-based, Karyn Oliver is an astute singer-songwriter, and with having lived in various cities I would say it is safe to say she has rode out a storm or two, and has a few hard luck stories to tell. Born and raised in Beltsville, MD Oliver spend over twenty years in Baltimore, and has figured in short lists for songwriting categories at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival, Texas. 

Kerrville Folk finalist in both 2011 and 2016 she was also Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist in 2010 and 2011. She has been knocking on the door for quite some time. Her 2016 album Magdalene (produced by Theme Jutz while she was living in New York) gained her some glowing reviews, as will List Of Names.…


Posted by Maurice Hope on March 13, 2019 at 18:30

THE REVEREND SHAWN AMOS – Kitchen Table Blues Vol. 1 (Put Together Music)

Now this is a nice idea, and one that translates rather nicely to disc. Bluesman Reverend Shawn Amos manages to keep one foot firmly in the blues tradition whilst the other wanders… wherever. So it is that this five track CD EP contain material he recorded for his informal Sunday morning sessions on Youtube, with a never static aggregation of musicians. The good Reverend’s vocals and harmonica playing and the loose line-ups are well suited to these tracks. They range from his re-working of The Faces ‘Ooh La La’ (one of Shawn’s ambitions is to restore the blues to classic British rock), via The Alabama Shakes’ ‘Hold On’, Devo’s sole hit single ‘Whip It’, here transformed into an R’n’B dancer, Richard Berry’s 1959 song ‘Have Love Will Travel’, though Shawn got his version from garage band The Sonics’ 1965…


Posted by Norman John Darwen on March 11, 2019 at 17:09


Folk country North Carolina singer-songwriter Jan Kramer has in Valley Of Bones a truly wonderful piece of work. Her songs are finely honed, and hugely evocative as she shares tales of life, stories that touch on her upbringing and, with her work steeped in top class dobro, fiddle, acoustic guitar, mandolin and upright bass plus drums, percussion, harmonium her songs, rich in homely values enjoy the perfect platform.

Asheville, NC Valley Of Bones is Kramer’s third album. Her mentor Mary Gauthier no less gives the record the thumbs up. Kramer is beginning to reap the critical acclaim she justly deserves. Her consistently is top classs, the moment she kicks the project away with Hymn the listener can’t help but drawn to her music, as she tries to place a handle on the…


Posted by Maurice Hope on March 7, 2019 at 16:00

TIFFANY POLLACK & ERIC JOHANSEN – Blues In My Blood (Nola Blue NB 008)

This is a duo out of New Orleans, with Tiffany a noted jazz singer (though you might not guess that from some of the tough performances here) and Eric formerly lead guitarist for Cyrille Neville of The Neville Brothers and zydeco artist Terrance Simien, and they are backed by some top-notch musicians. “Southern Gothic” is how the duo’s music has been described, a blues-rock, soul and Americana styled approach that is rooted in older traditions –the opening two numbers are akin to field hollers. Tiffany is a big-voiced vocalist, and Eric also sings, though on balance Tiffany handles the lion’s share, whilst Eric’s slide playing in particular attracts attention. The majority of the eleven songs are originals, but there are covers of The Rolling Stones’ ‘No Expectations’ (there’s a lovely country…


Posted by Norman John Darwen on February 21, 2019 at 17:53


North Carolina ensemble Chatham County Line are a well established, and hugely creative band. This Durham, NC recorded album is their eighth studio record. Sharing The Covers demonstrates how they aren’t slow at coming up with innovative ideas, there was a time when they would have been labelled a New Grass band. Americana suits them better still.

Made up of Dave Wilson (acoustic guitar, lead vocals), John Teer (mandolin, fiddle, vocals), Chandler Holt (band) and Greg Readling (bass, pedal steel, pedal steel) the boys pay homage to the likes The Delmore and Louvin Brothers, John Hartford, Tut Taylor and others. Among which you have a Truckin’ song by way of Girl On The Billboard (Del Reeves) and The Stanley Brothers by way of Carter Stanley’s Think…


Posted by Maurice Hope on February 22, 2019 at 15:30


Here we have the much anticipated follow up to Tulsa, Oklahoma born and raised, Kalyn Fay’s debut album Bible Belt. Fay has a fine set of players join her. The line up includes labelmates Carter Sampson and Lauren Barth plus fellow Oklahoma singer-songwriter recording act John Fulbright and Jared Tyler. Some of you will be aware of Tyler from his work with Malcolm Holcombe, both on record and performing live. It’s an impressive line-up got it also includes Paddy Ryan, Matt Magenkurth, Olivia McGraw, Rachel La Vonne, Cooper Waugh and Bo Hallford among others.  

Fay is the real deal. A particularly fine writer, she engages the listener from the off. You couldn’t wish for a better opener than title track, Good Company as she speaks of becoming tired of the…


Posted by Maurice Hope on February 15, 2019 at 20:37

Vin Mott – Rogue Hunter (Independent)


Young Vin Mott plays a mean blues harp and sings with a warm and enthusiastic voice on this album, his follow-up to his 2017 debut set, “Quit The Women For The Blues”. He has some good material too, and, with an insight rare in the blues these days, he writes in the CD booklet that “what makes this music great and gives it charm is its flaws and lack of heavy production”. So it is that this set comes across as an authentic and convincing blues release, with Vin wailing away and the little trio accompanying him raw and right on the nail. Guitarist Dean Shot provides some fine Elmore James styled slide playing on the title track and is spot-on elsewhere. Vin pays tribute here to the likes of Little Walter, Big Walter Horton and others with a rollicking blues sound…


Posted by Norman John Darwen on February 13, 2019 at 18:01

The Medicine Show Stateside Stravaig

Ags Connolly in conversation and session in The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile.

International Folk Music Awards Artists of The Year Ordinary Elephant play our Threadgill's Medicine Show-case during SXSW Austin March 2018

Emily Herring on stage at our SXSW Threadegills Medicine Show-case Austin March 19 2018.

Patterson Barrett & Brian Langlinais Moose Mobile East Nashville session March 2018

zzz xxx

Patterson Barrett & Brian Langlinais from East Nashville on the Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile Stateside Stavaig 2018



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