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Canadian singer-songwriters Lynn Miles and Lynne Hanson are both extremely talented, and have known to one another for a long time before the idea of making an album, together was hatched. Miles had after all produced two of Hanson’s albums (River Sand, 2014 and 7 Deadly Sins, 2015); as for the record they share the songwriting duties straight down the middle. With them both excellent and versatile players, the foundation is cemented nice and early. As early as the opening track, “Cold Front” the music contains a distinctive, direct cutting edge and, boy what fantastic vocals! I love the swagger and confidence shown as they breeze through the song. “Cost So Much” which follows it in the running order is likewise is a worthy partner   

Supporting the girls you have Kevin Breit (electric, baritone guitar, octave mandolin), Dave Draves (keyboards, vibes and other cool sounds), Peter Von Althen (drums, percussion), Steve Clark (electric, upright bass), Keith Glass (baritone guitar) and Don Cummings (B3 organ), and with such an outstanding cast The LYNNeS are set up, perfectly. No punches are pulled as the girls pour out their heart on brooding title-cut, “Heartbreak Song On The Radio”. Followed by the heady sounds of “Recipe For Disaster” as the pitfalls of life are underlined in thrilling fashion the benchmark is set. If you aren’t able to get a buzz listening to the song you desperately need to question yourself! With it shaped in lyrics ‘it’s not my first rodeo, and you be the saint and I’ll be the sinner’. The seamless, flowing rhythm is enough to suggest the song came to them quickly. 

Throughout the record Miles and Hanson are forever propelling lyrics of great quality, and in the form of “Don’t Look Down” and “Dark Waltz” the music contains much body and great depth as they become serious about life and the roads travelled. On getting a little funky and primitive even “Halfway To Happy” thrusts out a powerful, unrelenting progressive sound that’s pure and honest as the day is long roots Americana! Throughout it all there is Breit’s sizzling electric lead guitar (a mighty solo is also thrown in for luck).

Crisp “Blue Tattoo” contains soothing, cum soulful harmony vocals that’s as ever tight, and unlike some partnerships the harmonies don’t blunt the cutting knife! Not in the least. “Blame It On The Devil” has them swop lead vocals superbly, and with their harmonies wrapped round the lyrics and more electric guitar rumbling, supportively the shape and feel of the song had me thinking this sounds like something Mary Gauthier might have written. Great work girls! Closing the project they up the ante for the swirling, reflective on barrooms and how a girl can become tired of falling cowboys in the dark on the mighty “Heavy Lifting”. Punchy and hooky the rock edge suits them as the music provides both adventure and philosophy. If this album doesn’t figure among Canada’s next Juno Awards there is less justice in this world than I thought. It nothing else them working working together it brings the best out of one another, and if you take into account their track  the statement is a BIG one!   

                Maurice Hope     

The LYNNeS in UK / Europe 2018 

21.02.18 - The Hawth, Crawley, UK tickets
22.02.18 - The Hive, Shrewsbury, UK  tickets
23.02.18 - Newbald Village Hall, Newbald, UK  tickets
24.02.18 - Little Rabbit Barn, Colchester, UK  tickets
25.02.18 - Green Note, London, UK  tickets
26.02.18 - Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham, UK   tickets
27.02.18 - The Musician Pub, Leicester, UK  tickets
28.02.18 - Biddulph Up In Arms, Biddulph, UK  tickets

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