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Mid-west singer-songwriter Edward David Anderson might only be into his third solo record, but he also has eight albums under his belt. As a member (and the band’s songwriter) of Backyard Tire Fire. Chasing Butterflies is a more means less record, without I hasten to add it ever lacking in the way of instrumentation. Producer Jimmy Nutt from the Shoals area of Alabama who produced the album had much to do with this. 

It used to be Guy Clark and John Prince who used to have me pull over to the side of the road. Now it’s Jason Isbell and Edward David Anderson quotes Chicago Farmer. He has also won praise from the likes of Ed Jurdi (Band Of Heathens), and others too. Musicians in support of Anderson (vocals, guitars, banjo) are Jimmy Nutt (bass, percussion), 

Jon Davis (drums, percussion), Brad Khun (keys), Todd Beene (pedal steel on Chasing Butterflies) Angi Nutt (percussion). 

Anderson writes about people and places, about life and love. Roots music; black dirt Music, cultivated in the fertile soil of the Midwest is how he refers to his particular style of Americana. Articulate, and mindful of the listener EDA opens the album with a bunch of noteworthy compositions. Rich in melody, clever lyrics and instrumentation he hits the road running with the beautiful Harmony (shades of Rodney Crowell, and it contains some sweet acoustic guitar pickin’ ), earthy piece of history via The Ballad Lemuel Penn that speaks of his murder that took place in Madison County, Georgia. It’s closely followed by The Best Part (nice banjo picking among the support) as he speaks of his love of his wife; before getting a little funky on Bad Tattoos, and on looking back to the 1970s singer-songwriter era  you have Crosses. It would sit nicely on a Harry Chaplin album! The outpouring of good stuff doesn’t end here, either. Since Anderson follows the opening fistful of songs with Only In My Dreams and Dog Days as he speaks of a canine friend. On utilising the fiddle craft of Samson he delivers the lazy paced, but still hooky Sittin’ Round At Home to go with another track Samson adds to the music Only In My Dreams. Here he grasps hold of the feel of the American South in such a fashion he has a 5 star cut on his hands. 

It leaves us with the title-track Chasing Butterflies and the closing number, Seasons Turn. The former has an excellent rhythm to it, while the latter disappoints. To the degree it is the one and only blemish on an otherwise excellent singer-songwriter album.

Maurice Hope

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