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Flyinshoes Review

Welcome to FSR our Roots Music Reviewers & Pod/broadcasters Community

If you haven’t hosted a House Concert yet, please make it a new year’s resolution!

Why not invite your favourite independent musician to play for your friends family and his fans in your front room, I’ll be surprised if he/she won’t show up sometime this year and play for you, let me know about it and if The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile is loose is near enough we’ll come and broadcast it too. If you would like to help keep the wheels on the Hub and on The Moose become a patron at

Happy Hosting, Happy New Year - Rob Ellen


Maurice Hope's Blog – December 2011 Archive (7)


Fiddler, songwriter and pure-voiced vocalist Stephanie Bettman has on this her second album teamed-up with likewise diverse act, Luke Halpin. Both are multi-talented and the result is simple something else. Showing an adventuress flair that can be traced back to her work as an actress (plays, dramas and operas…


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THE GREAT RECESSION ORCHESTRA —Of Fort Worth Texas Asks The Musical Question; have you ever even heard of Milton Brown? (NewTex Records)

Now here is a novel, concept. Texas swing is one, the other is the music here was recorded by Brown between 1932-1936 when he fronted the Musical Brownies. Brown alongside Bob Wills was a founding member of The…


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KENNY VAUGHAN —V (Sugar Hill)     

Super sideman, guitarist Kenny Vaughan has took his time in making his first solo album. One of the stars of Marty…


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Mark Wayne Glasmire —Mark Wayne Glasmire (Self-released)

 MWG learnt his trade playing folk in New York before relocating to Nashville to play at country singer-songwriter venues such as, the Bluebird Café prior to his move to Arlington, Texas. To start we have the punchy, lyric revealing blue-collar ‘Last Of A Dying Breed’ before dropping…


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What a wonderful, eclectic way to celebrate the music of Lubbock, Texas legend Buddy Holly on his 75th anniversary. Good to listen to and in lots of cases, dance he changed not only music but also, how teenagers got to express themselves. Like Elvis during his early days it was all so natural. A genial songwriter he…


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Bluegrass duo, The Roys are a pure-voiced act who perform in a tight typical of the genre, fashion. Such is the opening track one name instantly came to…


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LAURIE LEWIS —SKIPPIN’ AND FLYIN’ (Spruce and Maple Music)

Bluegrass and country fiddler, guitarist, songwriter and band leader, Laurie Lewis has been making fantastic albums ever since she was with the group The Good Ol’ Persons and her solo debut in 1986, Restless Ramblin’ Heart on Flying Fish. Co-produced by Tim O’Brien it set the benchmark for her work and she hasn’t let it slip since. Ever prodding and carving out new, exciting niches Lewis in the company of…


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The Medicine Show is the home of the House Concert here is our rolling news


This site is the sister site to The House Concert Hub community and has been inherited in the main by kind donation of Shaun Belcher and Trailer Star.

It is the sum total of over ten years of tending a tender love of music by Shaun, a life time with Trailer Star and five or so years of an association with Rob Ellen from Medicine Music.

The House Concert Hub community will use it for the purpose of providing a online, all singing all dancing, review and preview area for the music of the community, and the music community at large. Have a look around tell your friends use the share button, tell the world.

We need reviewers, the idea is we have a correspondents in every area of the musical global village, it will be edited and co-ordinated by Rob Ellen of Medicine Music publicist promoter and presenter, if you wish to subscribe as a correspondent, join up here and drop Rob a line, he will send you cd's and send you to shows, display and publicise your content.

Here starts an other adventure.

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1 1 108
HAYES CARLL / What It Is / Dualtone *MM, *SZ
2 -- 66
DANNY SCHMIDT / Standard Deviation / Live Once Records *JJ, *HdB,
*TK, *AN, *GS, *MF, *SP
3 2 53
PHIL LEE / The Horse He Rode In On / Palookaville Records *MP,
*PvG, *ME
4 -- 49
MERCY JOHN / Let It Go Easy / Butler *LK, *JD
5 3 45
THE DELINES/ Imperial / El Cortez *FSch
6 4 44
VICKY EMERSON / Steady Heart / Independent
7 -- 42
RYAN BINGHAM / American Love Song / Thirty Tigers *HB
8 6 36
SUZANNE JARVIE / In The Clear / Wolfe Island *CRS
9 24 35
KALYN FAY / Good Company / Horton *JV, *JBo
11 35
MANDOLIN ORANGE / Tides of a Teardrop / Yep Roc Records
11 -- 34
VARIOUS / Songs of Our Native Daughters / Smithsonian Folkways
*FCe, *PJ, *PK
12 8 28
TINY LEGS TIM / Elsewhere Bound / Independent *FB
-- 28
J.S. ONDARA / Tales of America / Verve Records *AL, *WV
14 -- 28
MADELEINE ROGER / Cottonwood / Independent *LM
15 -- 24
KIM LENZ / Slowly Speeding / Blue Star *MvP
-- 24
LILY & MADELEINE / Canterbury Girls / New West *TJ
17 12 23
LEYLA McCALLA / Capitalist Blues / Jazz Village *DH, *BH
18 -- 22
ETHAN JOHNS with The Black Eyed Dogs, Anamnesis, Three
Crows/Proper *RK, *JB
-- 22
LONG RYDERS / Psychedelic Country Soul / Cherry Red Records *JS
20 5 19
LULA WILES / What Will We Do / Smithsonian Folkways
21 -- 18
YOUNG VALLEY / Young Valley / Dial Back Sound *DHo, *CvL
-- 18
KERRI POWERS / Starseeds / Continental
23 -- 17
THE CACTUS BLOSSOMS / Easy Way / Walkie Talkie *KG
24 -- 16
DALE WATSON / Call Me Lucky / Red House *PR
-- 16
MICHAEL McDERMOTT / Orphans / Pauper Sky *JDoel *

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