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Norman John Darwen's Blog (59)

BENNY TURNER – My Brother’s Blues (Nola Blue NBL004)

It is no exaggeration to state that Freddie King was one of the greatest blues performers ever, but do we really need a tribute album? Well, Benny Turner is Freddie’s younger brother and played bass with the big man in the 50s, 60s and 70s (though not continuously). He was also a recording artist in his own right, beginning in the early 60s. So this is no simple cash-in, though you would gather that…


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Chickenbone Slim: The Big Beat

Chickenbone Slim is the stage name of Larry Tevez, a veteran of various blues and rockabilly bands out of San Diego, California. Those influences are pretty obvious on this set. The first two tracks have a gritty, rootsy blues feel, then ‘Hemi Dodge’ is rocking country and ‘Vodka And Vicodin’ - I looked up the latter, mixing it in this way is recommended – is folky with lyrics that tend to focus on the less salubrious side of life, a trend that continues throughout…


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WEBSTER AVE - "Daylight" (Independent)

Named after one the Bronx's longest thoroughfares, and so reflecting this band's geographical roots, Webster Ave comprises David Webster on guitars and vocals, bassist Tony Mercadante, and drummer Andrew Caturano; this trio's collective experience includes recording with Bob Dylan, Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez, and Kiss founder member Ace Frehley. That in itself covers a pretty wide base, but throw in the fact all three have worked the blues circuit with…

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STEVE HOWELL & JASON WEINHEIMER - A Hundred Years From Today (Own Label)


When acoustic blues was first being picked up by white blues enthusiasts, it was the guitar virtuosity that was the focus; in the last few decades though, there has been a sharp increase in performers who can both play and sing convincingly. Marshall, Texas born Steve Howell is one of these. He was inspired to start moving beyond simple guitar strumming by seeing Mississippi John Hurt in 1965 (Steve was thirteen at the…


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JOHNNY OSKAM - In My Shadow (Independent)

Johnny Oskam | In My Shadow

This is the second album from young Southern Californian singer/ guitarist/bandleader Johnny, following on from 2014's Soul Search. Johnny likes to play hard and heavy, with elements of Led Zeppelin (try the opening track), Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Philip Sayce, and Jimi Hendrix, though there are also long quieter interludes, and his songs are written as such rather than mere excuses for extended guitar shredding. He is happy…

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One of my rock memories is of seeing The Eagles as a support group (in Liverpool, opening for Neil Young in the mid-70s). Another occurred some years later, when I lived in a worker's hostel in France and was woken up at around 6am every morning for around three months to the strains of the album Hotel California coming through the wall from the room next door - so you might understand why listening to this set was like meeting a long-lost friend…

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Trevor Sewell - “Nashville Calling: An Americana Adventure” (Independent Release)

Trevor Sewell | Calling Nashville

Some of this material is a long way from the blues with which Trevor is most usually associated, but then, Trevor himself was a long way from home when he recorded this album. Trevor is a British singer, guitarist and songwriter, born in Sunderland and once known as Max Atom during his time with 80s new wavers The Revillos, but he has been enjoying a lot of success across the pond recently, and  this album was, of course, laid down in Nashville, Tennessee.…


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THE JON SPEAR BAND – Hot Sauce (Independent)

This Virginia quartet certainly surprised me with the opening track ‘Bottom Of The Bottle’, which brought to mind Free, with a few hints of Led Zeppelin thrown in for good measure! ‘Geographical Cure’ is a rock band’s treatment of calypso, a nicely retro poppy number, before ‘It Was A Really Great Gig’, a humorous tale set to a rockabilly-blues arrangement, and the almost five minutes long title track is a clever slow- to mid-tempo blues that gives…


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ANTRY – Devil Don’t Care (Tres Lobas)


Listening to the tough, blues-rocking gospel of ‘Devil Don’t Care’, it is not difficult to forget the overly sentimental side that sometimes surfaces in both country and gospel – but Steve Antry, a member of Tulsa, Oklahoma blues-rockers Joyride, remembers it and it crop up on several tracks on this album. ‘How Far Down’ has a dramatic Americana approach, with searing gospel ad libs from guest vocalist Shaun Murphy and southern rock…


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ANDREW CHAPMAN A.K.A. JOJO: Well, It’s About Time! (UpIsland Records)


That album title is pretty appropriate – let’s have a little history… Vocalist Andrew Chapman first met Tony Braunagel – now a renowned drummer and producer on the modern blues scene – back in Houston in the late 60s. Andrew came to manage Braunagel’s band, Buttermilk Bottom, before forming a band called The Bloontz All Stars with bass player Terry Wilson – Braunagel joined them later, and they made an album around 1972 and ‘73 before touring with Johnny…


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SCOTTIE MILLER BAND - Stay Above Water (independent release)

Stay Above Water - Scottie Miller Band

Stylistically this set ranges from the acoustic country of 'Guardian Angel' at one extreme to the progressive rock tinges of 'Come Along'. The bulk of the material though falls into a blues, or at least a blues-tinged, bag. The opening 'Burned All My Bridges' is a fine blues-rocking shuffle with just the merest hint of Howling Wolf in the introduction and rhythm, 'Keep This Good Thing Going' features…


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MICHAEL PACKER – “I Am The Blues – My Story Vol. 3” (Iris Music Group IMG-986-3)

Michael Packer - I Am The Blues My Story, Vol. 3 (2017) 320 kbps

Born in 1950, Michael Packer died of liver cancer on 6th May 2017, shortly after having completed this set as the final part of his musical legacy. He recorded as a member of country/ folk/ rock band Papa Nebo on Atlantic, then with Free beer for Buddah and RCA, then as a well-respected bluesman in the New York area, working frequently with the late Delta blues legend David “Honeyboy” Edwards.

This is a musically varied set, though strongly rooted in the…


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KAREN LOVELY – Fish Outta Water (Independent)

Karen Lovely - Fish Outta Water (2017) 320 kbps

Massachusetts- born Karen first came to wider attention in 2010 when this versatile singer, now based in the Pacific north-west came second in the International Blues Challenge. This is her fourth album, produced by Eric Corne, who also wrote or co-wrote nine of the album’s dozen tracks. It does come across most definitely as Karen’s album though, in case you were wondering – her strong, soulful voice tackles the many blues tracks,…


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WILLA AND COMPANY – Better Days (Building Records)

Willa | Better Days

I had never heard of Hudson Valley, New York-based singer Willa Vincitore (previously Willa McCarthy) before but right from the opening notes of the romping up tempo blues ‘Love Looks Good On Me’, with its excellent vocal, gospel styled chorus, blaring horns, sharp guitar and rollicking rhythm section, I knew I would want to hear more. Nor did this album disappoint: ‘Stop Drop And Roll’ brings the funk forward, ‘Hooked On You’ harks back to classic soul, and ‘Hey…


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MICHELE D’AMOUR AND THE LOVE DEALERS: Lost Nights At The Leopard Lounge (Independent)


Led by the Seattle-based singer/ songwriter Michele D’Amour, this outfit has here a very fine blues set, their third album. Right from the excellent opener, the up tempo shuffle of ‘No Good’, the songs are all originals, intelligent and interesting, well sung by Michele whose voice is flexible and convincing, ranging from the strong slow blues of ‘Trouble’ to the ever-so slightly pop tinged ‘When The Blues Come Calling’. The Love Dealers themselves are a…


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MARK CAMERON BAND – Live At Blues On The Chippewa (Cop Records LPM-1678)


Minneapolis based singer, guitarist, songwriter and bandleader Mark Cameron started out playing folk-rock in the 70s, but for many years he has focussed on the blues. He has been building a solid reputation, particularly over the last couple of years. The Mark Cameron Band is a five piece, with the leader’s strong and flexible vocals backed by the expected line-up of guitar, harmonica, bass and drums (Cameron, Bill Keyes, Scott Lundberg and Dan Schroeder…


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BOBBY MESSANO – Bad Movie (Prince Frog Record Company BM1-41517)

Bad Movie_CoverArt


Guitarist, singer and bandleader Bobby Messano has many years experience of working with rock artists like Steve Winwood and country artists like Jimmy Wayne and Rodney Atkins. Yet in his own right he is known as a contemporary blues artist, and certainly the first few tracks here point to him as an accomplished blues-rocker, with an influence from the British blues-boomers of the late 60s, and Jimi Hendrix (try ‘Why Water A Dead Rose’ for the latter). The vast…


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DAVIS COEN – These Things Shall Pass (Soundview SP 1008)

These Things Shall Pass


Here’s a varied CD of inspirational sacred music, covering a wide range of styles from traditional country spirituals ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’ and ‘Old Rugged Cross’ and the pure country cover of the title track (previously covered by Johnny Cash and Hank Snow) to the Memphis soul-inflections of former Jackson Southernaire Willie Banks & The Messengers’  ‘Working For Jesus’ and the vintage rhythm and blues sound of 'Lord, Let Me Do Right' via…


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JIM ROBERTS AND THE RESONANTS – Beneath The Blood Moon (KKP Records)

Right from the opening notes of the title track, there is no doubt that this is going to be a fine Southern rock styled set, with plenty of blues influence, and Jim’s own droning cigar box guitar establishing a low-down dirty mood. Then Mike Finnigan’s Hammond organ comes in and everything moves up another notch. Though Jim is based in Los Angeles, he has been around since the 1970s and this outfit was previously known as The Jack Roberts Harvey Band.. He has a…


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LIGHTHOUSE SWEDEN – Silence In The City (Moody Maraccas MOM007)




This Swedish five-piece, under the leadership of the husband and wife team of Mats and Linda Brandemark (with the latter taking – just - the majority of the lead vocals), offer an excellent selection of blues - try ‘Everybody’s Been A Fool’ or for a more…


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