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Introducing our annual Festive Collection! Again we thank our friends and Medicine Show Family fold for a wonderful eclectic selection of different takes on Christmas. Please do share and enjoy 

The album is free to download (pay what you want) Listen Here 

The Medicine Show Festive Collection 2015 (Free Christmas Gift) The Medicine Show Presents - Christmas Times A' Coming 
Released November 2015, featuring various Medicine Show artists singing their unique blend of Christmas songs.


Stephanie Urbina Jones, Charlie Roth, Ed Romanoff, Brian Ashley Jones, Beth Wimmer, Dark Green Tree, The Kitty Black Band, Dougie Burns, Dick LeMasters, Kevin Dooley, Brigid Kaelin. 

Album Artwork by Mark Gerking

Our Festive Collection "Christmas Times A'Coming" is now available on CD exclusively from Fish Record for £2 + P&P , with all funds going to help the refugees. The CD will also be given away free with all purchases over £20 from Fish Records

(for all your folk roots music requirements this Christmas)

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Ep274 Corb Lund turns loose of the reins

On Americana Music Show #274, Corb Lund plays tracks from Things That Can’t Be Undone and talks about growing up on a ranch in Alberta and his “vaguely romantic” song.

Also on this week’s episode, I’ve got another track from the live…


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Ep272 Webb Wilder goes full circle on Mississippi Moderne

On Americana Music Show #272, Webb Wilder plays tracks from Mississippi Moderne, and talks about working with R.S. Field, his personal credo, and covering bands with whacked out songs.

I’ve also got the new southern rock album from Dash…


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Ep271 Magnolia Collective write southern bootgazer music

On Americana Music Show #271, Magnolia Collective play tracks from An Old Darkness Falls live at WHUP, and talk about their “bootgazer” sound, their entry in Couch By Couchwest, and how to write songs as a collective.

Also on this…


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Ep270 Michael Rank leaves the outros alone

On Americana Music Show #270, Michael Rank plays tracks from Horsehairand talks about working with Heather McEntire, his handsome goats, and his “warmer, rounded…


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Ep269 Kevin Gordon gets good advice from Brownie Ford

On Americana Music Show #269, Kevin Gordon plays tracks from Long Gone Time and talks about Outsider artists, the story of his father’s car, and his conversation with Brownie Ford.

This week I’ve got that brand new album from Corb Lund.…


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Ep268 Tokyo Rosenthal does the Johnny Cash show thing

On Americana Music Show #268, Tokyo Rosenthal plays tracks for Afterlife and talks about his Cold War veteran status, his deep south tour, and his music variety show.

In this week’s episode I’ve go the new country/blues album from Jim Lauderdale. I’ve got more from that Turnpike Troubadours album. More roadhouse blues from Kevin Gordon. I’ve also got new rock & roll from Nocona,…


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Ep267 Randall Bramblett brings southern music into modern times.

On Americana Music Show #267, Randall Bramblett plays tracks from Devil Music & talks about the bottom end loops, ambient noises, & strange sounds he uses in his modern music.

On this week’s episode I’ve got…


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Ep266 Shemekia Copeland sings about what’s going on

On Americana Music Show #266, Shemekia Copeland plays tracks from Outskirts Of Love & talks about learning the business from her father & listening to country music in Harlem.

I’ve got the new west…


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Ep265 Whitney Rose learns to be a “musician to the bone”

On Americana Music Show #265, Whitney Rose plays tracks from Heartbreaker Of The Year and talks about her gypsy spirit, listening to her grandparents music, and working with Raul Malo.

Also on this episode, I’ve got the new album from…


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Ep264 The Milagro Saints create their own American mythology

On Americana Music Show #264, the Milagro Saints play tracks from Tupelo and talk about their American Mythology, Woody Guthrie’s influence, and the importance of stupid banter.

This week I’ve got the new alums from Sam Morrow and Randall Bramblett. Plus I’ve got new music from the Rayburn Brothers Band, The Legendary Shack Shakers, Lance Canales, Shemekia Copeland, Amy Helm, and Edward David Anderson all on this…


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Pete Berwick writes some legendary story songs

On Americana Music Show #263, Pete Berwick plays tracks from the Legend Of Tyler Doohan and talks about his very first band, DIY producing, and how to be in it for the long haul.

This week I’m psyched to bring you the new…


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Ep262 Barrence Whitfield gives the kids a musical karate chop to the head

On Americana Music Show #262, Barrence Whitfield plays tracks from Under The Savage Sky, talks about the band’s history, listening to obscure R&B, & giving kids a musical…


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Ep260 Tom Rhodes captures live performance & real conversations

On Americana Music Show #260, Tom Rhodes plays tracks from With Or Without & talks about his nontraditional podcast, playing among redwoods, & the unique way he recorded…


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Ike Reilly wants to get a job like that (Ep259)

On Americana Music Show #259, Ike Reilly plays tracks from Born On Fire, talks about getting lost in a small town, the persistent rumors about him running for mayor, and the gray area between labor and management.

Also on this episode,…


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Ep258 Kevin Sekhani returns to his hard-working roots in Lafayette

On Americana Music Show #258, Kevin Sekhani plays tracks from Day Ain’t Done and talks about returning to his home of Lafayette to write songs about the hard working people there.

I’ve also got the brand new album from Langhorne…


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The Grahams connect with Woody Guthrie by train (Ep257)

On Americana Music Show #257, Alyssa and Doug Graham play tracks from Glory Bound and talk about finding a connection with Woody Guthrie by train and their documentary film with Cody Dickinson

I’ve also got another track from that new…


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Ep256 Dale Watson supports his trucking habit by playing music

On Americana Music Show #256, Dale Watson plays tracks from Call Me Insane and drives down I-35 while talking about Lloyd Maines, covering Tony Joe White, and his Jimmy Kimmel gig.

I’ve also got the new album…


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Beth McKee Troubles The Waters (Ep255)

On Americana Music Show #255, Beth McKee plays tracks from Sugarcane Revival, tells the stories behind her songs, and talks about “troubling the waters” with her “swamp sistas.”

This episode also features new country music from Kacey…


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Ray Wylie Hubbard’s “grit, groove, tone, and taste” of songwriting (Ep254)

On Americana Music Show #254, Ray Wylie Hubbard shares tracks from Ruffian’s Misfortune, tells a story about Mother Hubbard, and talks about “grit, groove, tone, and taste.”

Also on this episode, new Muscle Shoals soul music from Amy…


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Ep253 Jimmy LaFave finds his tribe

On Americana Music Show #253. Jimmy LaFave plays tracks from The Night Tribe and talks about the origins of that band name, his open mic pet peeves and the early Red Dirt Music scene.

Also on this episode, I’ve got the…


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Hi Folks!

Joseph Parsons here. I'm finally coming to the UK for a short run of shows in Southern and Northern UK, April 2016. I'm looking to add a few House Concerts in between or some other ideas.  Any help is much appreciated!  I've been making records and touring Europe & the USA for years and it's been such a great adventure. Thankfully, I've had so much support. I'm hoping I can find a 'home' in the UK!

I have a private website for booking info that can…

Got LIVE if you want it?...

Singer songwriter Gary O’Dea…booking for 2016 solo acoustic or with additional musicians. Brand new album FLY out now Perfect vibe for intimate friendly pubs / restaurants / clubs / bars / house parties / get togethers / bbqs / barmitzvahs / weddings and even the occasional wake smile…

Pistol Pete Wearn - Acoustic Blues Artist looking to add some house concerts to 2016 Scottish tour

Hi - I'm Pete, a Midlands based acoustic blues act. I'm going to be in Scotland for a tour this forthcoming March & I would really like to include some house concerts in the proceedings.  At the minute I'm looking to fill 5th, 7th & 9th March. 

about pistol pete…

Dumb Instrument - Looking for house concerts in the UK

Hi Folks,

We are Dumb Instrument and come from Ayrshire in Scotland and are looking to play house concerts anywhere in the UK. We actually perform as anything from a 2 piece up to an 8 piece and play a variety of musical styles however the main focus of our material is definitely Tom Murray's lyrics. Much like hamsters we are very low maintenance, don't require much food and like to keep ourselves clean.....

Please get in touch to let us entertain you at…


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