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Hatful Of Rain Release Single and Video For 'These Streets'


East Sussex band Hatful Of Rain have released the first single to be taken from their new album, The Morning Key, set for release on Union Music Store on May 26th.  The album, the follow up to their well received…


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Madison Violet New EP and UK Tour!

This from Madison Violet!!…


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Kevin Montgomery The UK/Ireland tour dates announced (Kevins Blog)


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The International Americana Music Show this week includes new music and an interview with My Darling Clementine

There is lots of new music on the show this week, including by artists from Canada (Del Barber), Ireland (Nicole Maguire), Sweden (First Aid Kit) and England (The Redlands Palomino Company). There's also an interview with husband and wife duo, My Darling Clementine, and the Unexpected Cover is Michael Weston King's version of a chart-topping, disco classic. I hope you enjoy it.…


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What do Fraser Anderson and a classic Citroen 2CV have in common?

Fraser Anderson is a Scot now living in London who played in Dougie MacLean's band for many years and was inspired by Dougie to make his own music, this is his homecoming tour. 

8 years ago he upped sticks and moved to France with his young family, bought a run down near derelict cottage learned how to build it up, started doing house concerts which paid for the renovations and his community clubbed…


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Acoustic duo, Cahalen Morrison (banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, Dobro) and Eli West (guitar, bouzouki) like with their previous two albums Holy Coming Of The Storm and Our Lady Of The Tall…


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Former member of multi-platinum selling country band, Confederate Railroad —now solo act, Cody McCarver after his…


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British folk singer and radio presenter, Johnny Coppin has a pure, warm singing voice, and excellent diction. Borderland consists…


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Singer-songwriter, multi-picker and producer, Dirk Powell though based in Louisiana he was born to Eastern Kentucky parents in Ohio, and had a great-great-grandmother born…


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Three more acts for Maverick Festival


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Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes: Black Coffee

              After a successful solo outing, Aussie country singer Lachlan Bryan got his old band back into the studio and came up with this cracker of an album. It was released in the autumn of last year in Australia and subsequently picked up a major award as “Alternative Country” album of the year.…


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Brighton folk singer-songwriter Carrie Tree has appeared at numerous festivals and toured or collaborated with among others Damien Rice, Fink, Duke Special, Ben Taylor, Martha Tilston, Runner and…


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Matt Andersen: Weightless

         New Brunswick blues/rock man Matt Andersen is back with a new album. A great guitarist, he’s even more notable as a vocalist, a natural heir to the likes of Joe Cocker. Teaming up with producer Steve Berlin at The Sonic Temple studio…


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Mercer Street Artist Spotlight presented by MM55productions

Brennan Leigh & Noel McKay

Brennan Leigh and Noel McKay are two musicians that seemed destined to connect... Although they are accomplished singer/songwriters seperately, to hear them together is magical... Their songwriting styles meld…


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PJ Pacifico: Overlooking The Obvious

           PJ Pacifico, Connecticut-based singer-songwriter, has been over in the UK this week and will be back in July for a further push of his sweet, folk-based pop music. Actually, I’m with those who think that pop music is folk music; at its most trivial, it is disposable…


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Gunther Brown: Good Nights For Daydreams

      Hailing from Portland, Maine, Gunther Brown are a four piece rock-based Americana band. Their debut album presents a pleasingly lo-fi rough and ready approach to their music that sounds refreshingly honest and straightforward. Songwriter and lead…


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