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Where ever you are, have a awfy awfy Merry Christmas & a guid New Year from all on The Medicine Show and our family fold. 

Honchos on the hub Scottish Publicist Presenter Promoter Rob Ellen's is a Americana music world stravaiger. travelling in his Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile seeking out independently minded music across the New and old worlds. 

Medicine Show Records offer you this single from our good friend and Highland Legend Davy Cowan as our Christmas gift. 

Davy Cowan will be stravaiging through Texas in March with The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile. 

From his album "The Journey'" about the Holy Town of Invergordon. (Oh I Believe In You Believe In Me) 

For the video of this song

Here are some of the artists we are helping "Look for Europe"

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Made up of old friends, Texans Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely and Butch Hancock with the help of among others, producer / multi-talented musician Lloyd Maines they once again come through with a fine album. Each act has a unique rough-hewn vocal style and a cutting edge that has remained strong. Added to this is their ability to tell a story in song in such a fashion to rank with the best —today or yesterday.

Since reforming a decade ago the boys have continued to plough… Continue

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Better Times Will Come

Proper Records




Career wise singer-songwriter Diana Jones has been on the slow burner longer than most, but with Better Times Will Come her fourth album and second since her breakthrough album My Remembrance Of You she is currently making giant strides. Like with the former,… Continue

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During the last few years a number of changes have taken place regards the personnel since… Continue

Added by Maurice Hope on March 16, 2009 at 7:30 — 2 Comments

Lucinda Williams. Live From Austin, TX ’89


Live From Austin TX ’89

NEW WEST (65mins) DVD ONLY —released, April 6th

When it comes to girls with that little bit extra talent then Lucinda Williams is right up there at the top —especially when, as captured here early in her career. Her vocals possessing a raspy edge aided by a the keen, raw stripped… Continue

Added by Maurice Hope on March 16, 2009 at 7:00 — No Comments

John (Biscuits and Gravy) Davy, Drew Nelson, "Dusty Road to Beulah Land" Review!

Drew Nelson: Dusty Road to Beulah Land (Waterbug WBG87)

Can it really be pushing four years since Immigrant Son came out? That first full album from Drew Nelson is still in my top five of the last decade and, glory be, 'Beulah Land' is at least as good and establishes Drew as a Michigan Guy Clark for his generation. Teaming up with Michael Crittenden again as producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist… Continue

Added by John (Biscuits and Gravy) Davy on March 15, 2009 at 21:00 — No Comments

John (Biscuits and Gravy) Davy, Angie Palmer "Live Review" from The Riverside Connon Bridge Scotland!

Angie Palmer at The Riverside, Conon Bridge March 3rd, 2009

It's always nice to find a congenial venue to hear some live music and The Riverside's certainly that. Good beer, good atmosphere and a comfortable mezzanine area to sit around and listen, to Angie Palmer in this case. A Lancashire lass who's relocated to France, she turned up with one fifth of her full band, namely Billy Buckley. He picked out a seemingly endless run of inventive tunefulness on all things… Continue

Added by John (Biscuits and Gravy) Davy on March 14, 2009 at 16:00 — No Comments

Gurf Morlix —Last Exit Happyland



When it comes to hard, gritty and richly coloured Americana few people create it better than Gurf Morlix, whether as a producer (Lucinda Williams, Slaid Cleaves, Ray Wylie Hubbard etc) or as a recording act.

Strong and uncompromising both as a musician and vocalist he obtains the most from the image strewn lyrics that other than two co-writes with George Carver (I Got… Continue

Added by Maurice Hope on March 14, 2009 at 15:30 — No Comments

PHIL LEE: So Long, It's Been Good To Know You (Palookaville)

PHIL LEE: So Long, It's Been Good To Know You (Palookaville PAL08)

What is folk music, then? All acoustic? Traditional instruments? Traditional tunes/lyrics? Long hair/sandals/beard all compulsory? For myself I go with the notion that: 'as far as I know, it's only folks that make music'. I don't know where that quote comes from but it's lodged in my brain as a useful corrective for all those who are too precious… Continue

Added by John (Biscuits and Gravy) Davy on February 20, 2009 at 16:34 — No Comments

Mia Riddle Tumble and Drag

Here's new adventures in the enigmatic music of Mia Riddle, now released to download on Itunes. Not sounding like anyone else I'm aware of, Mia has a unique tension going on in her music, the fragility of her voice and the delicate precision of her lyrics being tugged taut by the steely drive of… Continue

Added by John (Biscuits and Gravy) Davy on February 8, 2009 at 18:14 — No Comments

I See Hawks in L.A. : Hallowed Ground

A successful band from the Californian country scene with a great live reputation, the Hawks are as down to earth - literally - as you could wish. How many other bands have ever sung a paean to fossilised ferns (Carbon Dated Love) or squeezed a line like 'The earth is a self-regulating organism' into a… Continue

Added by John (Biscuits and Gravy) Davy on February 8, 2009 at 17:30 — No Comments

Carrie Elkin "Jeopardy of Circumstance"

This album is an absoluite treasure trove of riches: the songs, the singing and the music all have complexities that take time to explore and offer new possibilities of appreciation and interpretation each time round. Broadly country in character, but not shackled by any genre constraints,… Continue

Added by John (Biscuits and Gravy) Davy on February 8, 2009 at 17:00 — 1 Comment

Six Mile Grove: Steel Mule (Eclectonic ECL029)

There's some sort of time warping going on in deepest Minnesota; on 2004's Bumper Crop the four guys from Six Mile Grove looked like they were fresh out of school but the tight lipped portraits provided for Steel Mule show four guys who seem to have had a fair bit more than four years worth of the vicissitudes of life since then. Well, they're tough winters in that part of the world; maybe they age a fellow a bit. Steel Mule picks up… Continue

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Robby Hecht: Late Last Night

Self-published and beautifully produced in every way, 'Late Last Night' is one of those albums that will just grow in stature as time goes by. Eleven songs of quiet beauty that are not going to knock your socks off at first pass - no obvious toe-tappers here - but demonstate an impressive self confidence. Robby's done things his own way and found his own voice as a writer and as a performer so that the likes of me can't take the usual… Continue

Added by flyinshoes review on January 20, 2009 at 8:49 — 1 Comment

Tony Joe White: Deep Cuts (Munich Records MRCD 295)

Tony Joe White: Deep Cuts (Munich Records MRCD 295)

Revisiting old favourites from early in his career, Deep Cuts is a record of startlingly new versions, an extra layer of 21st century electronics and production providing extra swamp and menace to the famous Tony Joe sound. If that sounds like a desperate attempt to revive a stuttering career, then think again, because this is vital, interesting stuff as those deep, deep vocals and… Continue

Added by flyinshoes review on December 22, 2008 at 17:00 — No Comments

Mark Norris & The Backpeddlars

I just love finding great stuff by chance and I already forgotten how I found my way to this but who cares..sweet recording..lovely feel

Stranded Between Stations, the debut CD from Mark Norris and the Backpeddlers, answers the age-old question: “What does an album recorded in a barn in the dead of… Continue

Added by flyinshoes review on December 1, 2008 at 9:45 — No Comments

Adam Puddington

Lovely record a bit Ron Sexsmith in tone...superb..friend of The Guthries...or Minnikins as now are...

Adam Puddington is one of Almonte, Ontario's golden sons, and he wears the legacy proudly. Rural Canadiana seeps into his songs, bringing the curious beauty of rivers, wildlife, rosaries and trains. Especially rivers and trains,… Continue

Added by flyinshoes review on December 1, 2008 at 9:44 — No Comments

Michael Fracasso: Red Dog Blues

A true songwriter's writer....I have his When I Lived in the Wild Cd and this stream is tracks from new CD Red Dog Blues...

Superb stuff a bit like Randy Newman and Michael Marra (The Scottish Randy Newman)....recommended

He used to support his friend Patty slouch either in the writer stakes..

Listen to more at CD Baby…


Added by flyinshoes review on December 1, 2008 at 9:41 — No Comments

Willie P. Bennet R.I.P.

Sadly since I first published this evocative track Mr Bennett has passed away..

I publish this again as a tribute...

A fine Canadian artist.

Glowing Hearts Music proudly presents, in commemoration of Remembrance Day (Veterans Day, Armistice Day) on November 11th, Juno Award Winner, Willie P. Bennett’s new recording of Black Against The Wall.

The song, written by Charlie Sohmer (recent winner of the Grand Prize 2007 OCFF Songs… Continue

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Micah B. Smaldone

Red River Rough Cut

Red River Rough Cut is intended as a sampler for a new album that Micah is working on. The 5 untitled pieces on the CDR are simply great songs and remind me of the best work of Jimmy Webb or Townes Van Zandt while sounding nothing like either. The songs are stripped bare and every note and word is neccesary with nothing out of place.

Currently Micah is touring in the UK and Europe. Below are… Continue

Added by flyinshoes review on December 1, 2008 at 9:04 — No Comments

John Train - Leachman's Ghost

At the Triumph Leader Museum, which houses a collection of gifts given to Saddam Hussein over the years, curators had removed things from the display cases and squirrelled them away for safekeeping, although it was doubtful how safe anything would be anywhere in Baghdad once the bombs began to fall. I went to the museum to take another look at the gun that had been used in 1920 to assassinate Colonel Gerard Leachman, a British officer who spent the First World War in the deserts of what was… Continue

Added by flyinshoes review on December 1, 2008 at 9:03 — No Comments

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