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Flyinshoes Review

Welcome to FSR our Roots Music Reviewers & Pod/broadcasters Community

If you haven’t hosted a House Concert yet, please make it a new year’s resolution!

Why not invite your favourite independent musician to play for your friends family and his fans in your front room, I’ll be surprised if he/she won’t show up sometime this year and play for you, let me know about it and if The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile is loose is near enough we’ll come and broadcast it too. If you would like to help keep the wheels on the Hub and on The Moose become a patron at

Happy Hosting, Happy New Year - Rob Ellen



Tom Snareside- The Phil Lee Interview

A recent interview with Tom and recording artist Phil Lee.

Portland's trail blazer producer Pat Kearns' trail leads him to The Mojave Dessert & a solar powered solo album

When Joshua Tree regulators and musical residents (many are also members here and on the House Concert Hub) heard…


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Stop Featuring

Phil Lee talking about "The Horse He Rode In On"

Phil Lee Durham North Carolina childhood TV prodigy, erstwhile Truck driver to the Rust Never Sleeps Tour, last drummer for The Flyin Burrito Brother and the only living artist on the Shanasee Record label once he finally came out from behind the drums at the age of 50 during his East Nashville years (when is the book coming Phil?). The Mighty King Of Love now lives on the West Coast, he has been 5 years making his cap stone album with old friends Crazy Horse. I have a lot of fun trying to get the story of The Horse Phil Lee Rode In On from the horses mouth.

FSR Feature here

The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile kidnapped Jim Wyly for a stravaig to Houston and Galveston.

Some call him the oldest living overnight success, Here Jim talks to Rob Ellen before The Houston Medicine Show Review at The Americana (in fading light) and plays a couple of songs from "The Artisan" hes debut solo album.

If you have been wondering like the rest of the worlds Aoustic Music Scene just where Jim Wyly has been all this time, he answers that question.

Follow The Moose at

Buffalo Rogers & Chuck Hawthorne in Chuck's Garage Manor Texas Nov 25th 2018

Texan songster Chuck Hawthorne organises his Troubadour Tuesday song writer nights at The Liberty Tree Elgin (the Texas one) they were a rich seam of Music on the Medicine Show Texas Stravaig 2018, here we are the night before he presented Oklahoma stalwart Buffalo Rogers having fun at his place in Manor.

John Hogan Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile Session from Houston Des 2018

This is a very very rare solo John Hogan performance (of Hogan & Moss) we recorded this only days after his life and music partner Maria Moss had a very bad fall. We're very please to say Maria is on the mend and managed to play ten shows in twelve days on the mentioned Big Bend Christmas tour. She was in good spirits the whole time.

Both are incredibly grateful that it wasn’t worse, and for the generosity of their fans who are paying for medical bills via crowd funding.

Moose Session Lipbone Reading from Ficsher Fest Texas Nov 2018

Musician, Traveller, Storyteller Lipbone Redding creates an entire evening of music and adventure through the use of vocal mastery, guitar and a wooden spoon. This guy doesn’t need a loop pedal to get the sound of a full band, including brass!

Fischer Fest is a community run festival in The Hill Country near Austin Texas, hosted in the historic Fischer Hall.

George Ensle is a stalwart and pillar of the Texas Songwriting Scene, I caught up with him at his monthly residency at the iconic Poodies Roadhouse Dec 2018

Merican Medicine Show Moose Mobile in session & conversation Matt Harlan Dec 2018 with Rob Ellen

With Houston songster Matt Harlan in Chuck Hawthorne's Garage following his appearance at Jim Wyly's Song Swap in Elgin (The Texas on) at the Liberty Tree, we talk about The Texas Music scene and his upcoming album and hear 2 of the songs

Chuck Hawthorne and Libby Koch Country Festival 5 10 2018

Country Festival Netherlands 5 10 2018 Chuck Hawthorne and Libby Koch

Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile Session and interview with Betse & Clarke Inverness 24/09/18

Betse & Clarke hail from Kansas City and are leading exponents of Old Timey Music, it was a delight to have them in The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile. 

Rob Ellen…


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Orit Shimoni in conversation and session in The Medicine

The Moose Mobile and Rob Ellen wander around the musical hot spots of the world recording and broadcasting sessions from The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobiles while encouraging listening room venues supporting independently minded musicians and wider community through music.

Orit Shimoni is also home free, we find Rob and Orin chatting about the challenges as well as the benefits in conversation and session in The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile with Rob Ellen at the home of JoJoConcerts in Vlaardinger in The Netherlands May 2018, Then Jolanda took us to Floralia Park Oosterhut southern Netherlands

Moose session with Zak Perry & Catherine Stroud Netherlands May 2018

The Moose Mobile and Rob Ellen wander around the musical hot spots of the world recording and broadcasting sessions from The Medicine Show Radio…


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Rachel Reese and Jesse LaFave in session and conversation on Uncle Jimmy & independent Life on the road and in Austin

Posted by me on May 19, 2018 at 11:00 Stop Featuring

Ags Connolly Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile Session April 2018

Ags Connolly comes from the wild west of Oxfordshire. Here he is caught in session and conversation at Ramblin' Roots Revue is a wnrfl spring British American Festival in High Wycombe near London.

Patterson Barrett & Brian Langlinais Moose Mobile East Nashville session March 2018

Patterson Barrett & Brian Langlinais from East Nashville on the Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile Stateside Stavaig 2018

Rebecca Riedtmann Medicine Show Moose Session Brighton 15 Nov 2017

Rob Ellen and The Euro Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile were stravaiging through the Home Counties the winter of 2017, visiting and supporting listening room venues and independently minded musicians. The Greys In Brighton is a treasure of a venue this is a jewel of a session.
Rebecca Riedtmann in Session (and conversation with Rob Ellen) Nov 15 2017

The Glass Mountains Moose Mobile Session Brighton 15 Nov 2017 

This was a classic Medicine Show moment, I hadn't seen Malcolm MacWatt (guitar) for 30 odd years and had no idea he was playing this night and hadn't heard The Glass Mountains Providence at its very very best.I found out more at The Greys Brighton . In High Water Moose Mobile at St Edith Folk Kent Oct 20 2017

Lovely to unexpectedly meet and hear the music of Hope In High Water, they hail from Milton Keynes and were opening for Treetop Flyers at the St Edith Folk Kemsing Kent England October 20 2017 (I grabbed this session)

Treetop Flyers Moose Mobile Session and live at St Edith Folk Kent Oct 20 2017

Treetop Flyers past Glastonbury emerging talent winner hail from North London. I caught up them before playing to a capacity St Edith Folk Kemsing Kent England October 20 2017

Billy Kemp in conversation with Rob Ellen & Moose Mobile Session Oct 17 2017

Billy Kemp was the Billy in acclaimed Appalachian duo Jeni & Billy,
he now has his own solo album and on tour in support. The Medicine Shows Rob Ellen caught up with him on October 18 2017 at The Dancing Dog Saloon deep near Sittingbourne Kent

Slack Bird in The Moose Mobile at The Scottish Anarcho Folk Festival June 17 2017

Slack Bird​ in The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile​ at Scottish Anarcho Folk Festival 2017​ June 17 2017

Slack Bird are Dave Klas​ & Susanna Leppänen​ from Finland, they purvey banjo driven folk punk across this continent. Rob Ellen​ finds out…


Lindsay Llewellyn & Ramiska Maki Maki Rocking Horse Moose Session XpoNorth June 8th 2017

Ray McCartney is a Scottish one man music industry, aka Ramisco…


Edgar Road Moose Session XpoNorth June 8th 2017

Edgar Road are from the proud Moray city of Elgin they play harmony alt-rock in many textures and layers, they broke it all down to fit tightly but comfortably in The Medicine Show Moose Mobile at XpoNorth In Inverness 8th June 2017.

Rob Ellen asks them about Elgin, the EP and the upcoming…


Eugene Twist Moose Mobile session XpoNorth June 8th 2017

Eugene Twist hails from Glasgow and brings music and songs of great depth, conscientiousness and diversity , Rob Ellen from the Medicine Show invited him for cocktails in The Moose Mobile at ExpoNorth in Inverness 8 June 2017.

We get 2 songs and some…


David Starr end of tour interview, session and concert (Lochness & Nairn)

“David Starr has a voice you will never forget. His music is authentic, his songs are honest, full of emotion and truth. His new EP, The…


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Featured artist of the month Brian Langlinais

You could say Brian Langlinais’ new recording, Right Hand Road, was birthed by an ice storm, but that would be getting ahead of the story.


Long before that weather event, the album’s roots ran from sea to sea along…


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David Starr new John Oates produced CD & UK dates!



David Starr owns a thriving guitar store in the heart of Cedaredge, Colorado, yet he believes his most compelling instrument is his voice – a strong, beautiful baritone that is the cornerstone…


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The Kasey Rausch Country Duo in session and conversation with Rob Succotash Kansas City

Kasey Dawn Rausch is a central figure on The Kansas City music scene her weekly River Trade…


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Rob Ellen catches up with I See Hawks In LA (in LA)

I See Hawks In L.A. have been a popular fixture on The Californian music scene for over a decade now. Statesmen of the Highland Park Music Scene in particular! I caught up with Paul Lacques at his Highland Park home and the band at their Tuesday night residency at the LA hotspot venue The Hi Hat and they introduce me to The Coals and…


Added by The Medicine Show on February 13, 2017 at 2:47 

Ep331 Becky Warren

On Americana…


Posted by Calvin Powers on December 13, 2016 at 6:30 

Ep330 Hymn For Her

On Americana Music Show #330, Lucy & Wayne from Hymn For Her play tracks from Drive Til U Die and talk about recording in an airstream, their inter-generational song, and where to get free coffee on the road.…


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Stop Featurin

Ep329 The Good Intentions

On Americana Music Show #329, Peter Davies and Gabi Monk of the Good Intentions play three tracks from The Long Unbroken Line and talk about their songwriting, the appeal of Americana in the UK, and joy of house concerts.

Ep312 Sara Watkins

On Americana Music Show #313, Sara Watkins plays tracks from Young In All The Wrong Ways and talks about her solo work, maturing as a songwriter, and the videos she’s making to support the album.

This week I’ve got the new live Dale…


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Stop Featuring

On Americana Music Show #312, Hayes Carll plays tracks from Lovers and Leavers and talks about writing for this phase of his life, his recent Merle Haggard cover, and his run in with Townes Van Zandt fans.

Also this week I’ve got that new Michael Rank album and the  new Boo Ray country rock album Plus there’s more of that Eli Paperboy Reed album, the awesome blues album from Lonesome Shack, another track from that Bonnie Bishop soul album, some John Doe & The Sadies, Mudcrutch, Wild Ponies, Tony Joe White, and Colvin & Earle.

Click here to listen now.

On Americana Music Show #309, Bill Mallonee plays tracks from Slow Trauma and talks about his Vigilantes of Love days, living in the wilds of New Mexico, and the challenges of writing an album about death.

Also on this episode, I’ve got another track from that Bonnie Bishop soul album, a sneak peek at the upcoming Loveless album, new music from the Royal SOuthern Brotherhood, Lonesome Shack, Felice Brothers, and a classic Howlin’ Wolf track.

Click hear to listen now.  

Americana Music Show Podcast Info

Lu Edmonds June 11 Interview with Rob Ellen In The Medicine Moose Mobil

Lu Edmonds talks to me about PIL (prior to their Inverness show at The Iron Works)  touring The Highlands (28 years ago and 2 years ago with The Mekons) the importance of political satire and radicalism, generally we just catch up.

Russell deCarle Featured Artist of the month andon tour in the UK

Russell deCarle (and the boys) are old school, real players and singers. They do things right, true professionals and at the same time great entertainers!


Weather it covering songs by the likes of by the likes of the Inkspots, Diana Shore or Hank Snow or self pened classics in the making  crooner deCarle recently took the UK by storm on his first tour in 45 years on the road.


"A spot of yodelling when added to his already exemplary vocals exploits placed an icing on the cake, and it wasn’t the only layer such the virtues of the music by them". Mauris Hope on the Newcast gig for FSR - More here…


Posted by me on May 1, 2016 at 23:12

Health & Happiness Hour (Tildon Krauzt in Session & Conversation ) April 20 2016


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Ep297 Aubrie Sellers

On Americana Music Show #297, Aubrie Sellers plays tracks from New City Blues and talks about getting her first guitar at 13, writing with Adam Wright,  and her “garage…


Added by Calvin Powers on April 26, 2016 at 6:30

Ep295 Eric Ambel makes a quicker and looser rock & roll album

On Americana Music Show #295, Eric Ambel plays tracks from Lakeside and talks about working with Jimbo Mathus, why the album is vinyl only, and the new Cowboy Technical studios.…


Added by Calvin Powers on April 12, 2016

Ep293 Beverly "Guitar" Watkins keeps playing the blues

On Americana Music Show #293, Beverly “Guitar” Watkins plays tracks from Back In Business and tells the story of how she learned music, playing with Piano Red in the 50’s and her “Red Mama.”

Also this week, I’m excited to…


Added by Calvin Powers on March 29, 2016 

Ep291 R.B. Stone writes head songs and heart songs

On Americana Music Show #291, R.B. Stone plays tracks from Some Call It Freedom and talks about how he learned to play guitar on a ranch in Colorado and about his songwriting philosophy.

On this week’s episode I’ve got the new…


Added by Calvin Powers on March 22, 2016

Ep290 Phil Cook

On Ameicana Music Show #290, Phil Cook plays tracks fromSouthland Mission and tells the story of moving to Durham to be closer to the music he loved, & how the Blind…


Added by Calvin Powers on March 15, 2016 

Ep289 Grant-Lee Phillips puts new songs into old rhythms

On Americana Music Show #289, Grant-Lee Phillips joins Calvin live in the WHUP studios to play tracks from his new album, The Narrows and tells the stories behind the new songs.

Also on this week’s episode, I’m happy to…


Added by Calvin Powers on March 8, 2016 

Ep288 Julie Rhodes scoops the blues

On Americana Music Show #288, Julie Rhodes plays tracks from Bound To Meet The Devil and talks about writing her working class blues songs in an ice cream shop and making…


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Ep287 Shinyribs plays both the sacred and the profane

On Americana Music Show #287, Kevin Russell (Shinyribs) plays tracks from Okra Candy and talks about Gruene Hall, expanding his band, food porn, and his dangerous dance numbers.…


Added by Calvin Powers on February 23, 2016 at 6:30

Ep286 Nigel Hall takes his Harlem R&B to New Orleans

On Americana Music Show #286, Nigel Hall plays tracks from Ladies & Gentlemen.. Nigel Hall. He also talks about developing is music in Harlem, his move to New Orleans…


Added by Calvin Powers on February 16, 2016 

Music Routes on Radio Summerhall (with Jim Welsh)

This week's show features studio guest Champion Doug Veitch, and a finer guest you could not wish for. In between Doug and Nick Mortimore reminiscing about music pubs in London in bygone days, we managed to squeeze in some great tracks - Cam Penner to Juliette Greco, Boxcar Boys to Blue Rose Code. Find us at:

Posted by James William Welsh on February 14, 2016

Health & Happiness Hour (Jemma Tweedie in session) 10 Feb 2016


This week’s on the Medicine Show…


Added by The Medicine Show on February 9, 2016 

Ep285 Malcolm Holcombe

On Americana Music Show #285, Malcolm Holcombe plays tracks from Another Black Holeand talks about his work habits, his band, and never forgetting where you came…


Added by Calvin Powers on February 9, 2016 at 6:30 — No Comments

Ep284 Edward David Anderson learns to not save the world

On Americana Music Show #284, Edward David Anderson plays tracks from Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions, & talks about working with Anthony Crawford, getting sentimental, and life on the Gulf Coast.

Also on this episode a…


Ep282 Lori Yates loves the long notes

On Americana Music Show #282, Lori Yates plays tracks from Sweetheart Of The Valley and talks about meeting Billy Sherrill, her songwriting workshops, and why she loves the…


Added by Calvin Powers on January 19, 2016

Ep280 Guy Davis connects with Robert Johnson and Sonny Terry

On Americana Music Show #280, Guy Davis plays tracks from The Kokomo Kidd and talks about his family’s connection to the blues, & playing Robert Johnson and Sonny Terry on stage.

On this week’s episode, I’ve got new music from Nick…


Posted by Calvin Powers on January 5, 2016 at 6:30

Health & Happiness Hour (Andy Gunn & Vikki Kitson in session) 20 Jan 2016

This week’s on the Medicine Show Radio Health & Happiness Hour - a session from Andy Gunn, Vikki Kitson & Fraser McLean  ft. tour Cam Penner, ft House Concert Hub artist David Starr ft. album Jurra from The Mekons & Robbie Fulks, with classic music from Eddie…


Posted by me on January 20, 2016 at 2:0

Ep277 Chad Elliott never stops writing songs

On Americana Music Show #277, Chad Elliott plays tracks from Wreck And Ruin and talks about how he finds the time to work on his songs and his art and how Lyle Lovett saved his Mom.

Also on this episode, I’ve got the new country…


Added by Calvin Powers on December 15, 2015 at 6:30

Ep276 The Wood Brothers sing to strangers every night

On Americana Music Show #276,  Oliver Wood plays tracks from The Wood Brothers’ Paradise and talks about his evolution as a songwriter, working as a producer, and singing to strangers.

Also on this episode, I’ve got new music…


Posted by Calvin Powers on December 8, 2015

Robbie Fulks Interview with The Medicine Shows Rob Ellen


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