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Welcome to FSR our Roots Music Reviewers & Pod/broadcasters Community

If you haven’t hosted a House Concert yet, please make it a new year’s resolution!

Why not invite your favourite independent musician to play for your friends family and his fans in your front room, I’ll be surprised if he/she won’t show up sometime this year and play for you, let me know about it and if The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile is loose is near enough we’ll come and broadcast it too. If you would like to help keep the wheels on the Hub and on The Moose become a patron at

Happy Hosting, Happy New Year - Rob Ellen


Based in Scotland covering Europe, FSR working with The House Concert Hub 1st for the latest releases, tour info, & the best roots radio.



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When You're New To Town by Pat Kearns

When You're New To Town is the first track from Pat Kearns' debut solo album, So Long City. Filmed and directed by A. Laura James edited by Sam Wachs. Specia...
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The Scones - Feb/March FSR Featured Artists

Goodbye, Good Luck, Good Riddance from The Scones album "Metrognomes". Filmed at the Grand Mesa Arts & Events Center, Cedaredge, CO January 2019.
Feb 8
FSR Featured Artist this month posted a video

The Scones - Goodbye, Good Luck, Good Riddance

Goodbye, Good Luck, Good Riddance from The Scones album "Metrognomes". Filmed at the Grand Mesa Arts & Events Center, Cedaredge, CO January 2019.
Feb 8
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The House Concert Hub is brought to you in conjunction with Medicine Show Promo 

Click logo for Terms & Services - Currently promoting in Europe International Folk Music Awards ARTIST OF THE YEAR Ordinary Elephant

Here they are playing our Threadgill's Medicine Show-case in Austin during SXSW 2018. 

Chuck Hawthorne and Libby Koch Country Festival 5 10 2018

Country Festival Netherlands 5 10 2018 Chuck Hawthorne and Libby Koch

Merican Medicine Show Moose Mobile in session & conversation Matt Harlan Dec 2018 with Rob Ellen

With Houston songster Matt Harlan in Chuck Hawthorne's Garage following his appearance at Jim Wyly's Song Swap in Elgin (The Texas on) at the Liberty Tree, we talk about The Texas Music scene and his upcoming album and hear 2 of the songs

Blog Posts


Here we have the much anticipated follow up to Tulsa, Oklahoma born and raised, Kalyn Fay’s debut album Bible Belt. Fay has a fine set of players join her. The line up includes labelmates Carter Sampson and Lauren Barth plus fellow Oklahoma singer-songwriter recording act John Fulbright and Jared Tyler. Some of you will be aware of Tyler from his work with Malcolm Holcombe, both on record and performing live. It’s an impressive line-up got it also includes Paddy Ryan, Matt Magenkurth, Olivia McGraw, Rachel La Vonne, Cooper Waugh and Bo Hallford among others.  

Fay is the real deal. A particularly fine writer, she engages the listener from the off. You couldn’t wish for a better opener than title track, Good Company as she speaks of becoming tired of the…


Posted by Maurice Hope on February 15, 2019 at 20:37

Vin Mott – Rogue Hunter (Independent)


Young Vin Mott plays a mean blues harp and sings with a warm and enthusiastic voice on this album, his follow-up to his 2017 debut set, “Quit The Women For The Blues”. He has some good material too, and, with an insight rare in the blues these days, he writes in the CD booklet that “what makes this music great and gives it charm is its flaws and lack of heavy production”. So it is that this set comes across as an authentic and convincing blues release, with Vin wailing away and the little trio accompanying him raw and right on the nail. Guitarist Dean Shot provides some fine Elmore James styled slide playing on the title track and is spot-on elsewhere. Vin pays tribute here to the likes of Little Walter, Big Walter Horton and others with a rollicking blues sound…


Posted by Norman John Darwen on February 13, 2019 at 18:01

BENNY TURNER AND CASH McCALL – Going Back Home (Nola Blue NB 007)


Two blues veterans get together here; Benny, born in 1939, was bass player for his brother, the illustrious Freddy King, and these days he makes excellent blues albums himself. Singer and guitarist Cash McCall – aka Morris Dollison Jr. – had an R’n’B hit back in 1966 and worked at Chess Records as a session musician and songwriter. He has this set’s only original composition, the nicely traditional ‘Money’.

For the remainder of the set, the two draw on the classic blues of the 50s and 60s, the music they grew up with. Benny is singing better than ever – listen to him romp joyously through the Elmore James standard, ‘Shake Your Money Maker’, with Butch Mudbone playing the iconic slide guitar licks, and Jason Mingledorff…


Posted by Norman John Darwen on February 13, 2019 at 18:05

Dee Miller Band - Leopard Print Dress (Independent)


Dee has been called “The Duchess Of The Blues” in her native Minneapolis, and here she lives up to that title with a strong, powerful and energetic set of gritty blues and soul. Etta James is obviously a strong influence, as can be heard not only on the sixties rhythm and blues sound of ‘Strongest Weakness’, with Craig Clark supplying some fiery wah wah guitar, but also with a gospel flavoured reworking of The Eagles’ classic ‘Take It To The Limit’, which Etta also covered. These two follow the aptly titled opener, ‘Hot And Sweaty’, and lead into the rocking title track, an infectious duet between Dee and Craig, and the boogie-woogie of ‘Back In The Saddle’, also featuring fine sax work. ‘Last Two Dollars’ is a fine rendition of this soul-blues classic, ‘I Sing The…


Posted by Norman John Darwen on February 11, 2019 at 11:30

TREVOR B. POWER BAND - Everyday Angel (Independent)


Singer, guitarist and bandleader Trevor is from New Jersey; he received his first guitar for his fifteenth birthday, but only turned to the blues much later when he met Bobby Whitlock (keyboards player with Derek & The Dominoes, and much else, including being the first white artist to sign to Stax) and his wife CoCo Carmel. This is the band’s debut album and Trevor is certainly making up for lost time – it is a very fine blues-rocking  set, with echoes of vintage rock and roll (‘Future Plans’) , The Rolling Stones, the opening track, ‘Jack’), grungy, grinding blues (‘Baby I’m Through With You’) and a couple of very fine slow blues (take a listen to ‘Saddest Thing’). ‘I Wrote It Down’ is a huge, wide-open sounding mid- to slow-tempo blues, with some…


Posted by Norman John Darwen on February 11, 2019 at 11:34

Portland's trail blazer producer Pat Kearns' trail leads him to The Mojave Desert & a solar powered solo album

When Joshua Tree regulators and musical residents (many are also members here and on the House Concert Hub) heard the Medicine Show Radio Merican Moose Mobile would be starvaiging through The Mohave Desert, more than one said "your gonna experience something magical".  I'm here to tell you, they were right!

It came in the…


Posted by Editorial on February 10, 2019 at 14:30

The Scones FSR Featured artists Feb March 2019

Something a bit different this month, I thought I would feature one of the bands that really impressed us on the recent Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile Colorado Stravaige.

We saw them play the …


Posted by FSR Featured Artist this month on February 8, 2019 at 13:30

MARTYN JOSEPH - HERE COME THE YOUNG (Pipe Records / Kartel Music Group)

Welsh folk act, singer songwriter Martyn Joseph has long been a favourite. Soon after he first emerged on the folk scene 35 years ago. I happened to catch him a decade or so later when he was part of a show featuring American act Janis Ian, who at the time was making her recoding comeback and Martin Stephenson. Here Come The Young is typical of Joseph’s work. His unbending vocals, and well written observations of various aspects of life he’s heard of or experienced first hand are reminiscent of Ralph McTell. Non more so than the title track Here Come The Young, that sees him on the offensive in double quick time. I enjoyed use of mandolin immensely, and the general strength and commitment to his performance.

Never void of optimism he…


Posted by Maurice Hope on February 7, 2019 at 20:30

ERIC BRACE, PETER COOPER and THOMM JUTZ - RIVERLAND (Red Beet Records) and Dates in March

East Nashville musicians, singer-songwriters Eric Brace, Peter Cooper and bluegrass award winning songwriter and more, Thomm Jutz have been back in the recording studio. Riverland follows their 2017 release Profiles In Courage, Frailty , And Discomfort with a concept album about Mississippi. It’s troubled history regards segregation, the American Civil War plus its writers, and the mighty, often written about and revered, Mississippi River. Backing up their…


Posted by Maurice Hope on February 1, 2019 at 12:30

Josh Hartly checking in (and UK EU Dates)

Good day ladies and gentlemen,

Well, it’s cold. Really cold. But we don’t have to dwell on that and instead look forward 50 days to Spring. Right? In the meantime make sure to not leave your pets outside for more than 5 minutes and remember for yourselves, frostbite sucks.

In other looking ahead news we’re wrapping up the plans and arrangements and are looking forward to being back in the EU and the UK in March/ April. After a short holiday in Istanbul we’ll be heading to Berlin and then to London to start a 3 week tour on March 31st at Twickfolk. The tour will take us down south to the coast and then through the Midlands and up into Scotland (I love Scotland) and then back down to Sheffield for a show with the Fargo Railroad Company. That’s going to be a…


Posted by Editorial on January 30, 2019 at 19:30

The Medicine Show Stateside Stravaig

Ags Connolly in conversation and session in The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile.

International Folk Music Awards Artists of The Year Ordinary Elephant play our Threadgill's Medicine Show-case during SXSW Austin March 2018

Emily Herring on stage at our SXSW Threadegills Medicine Show-case Austin March 19 2018.

Patterson Barrett & Brian Langlinais Moose Mobile East Nashville session March 2018

zzz xxx

Patterson Barrett & Brian Langlinais from East Nashville on the Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile Stateside Stavaig 2018



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It is the sum total of over ten years of tending a tender love of music by Shaun, a life time with Trailer Star and five or so years of an association with Rob Ellen from Medicine Music.

The House Concert Hub community will use it for the purpose of providing a online, all singing all dancing, review and preview area for the music of the community, and the music community at large. Have a look around tell your friends use the share button, tell the world.

We need reviewers, the idea is we have a correspondents in every area of the musical global village, it will be edited and co-ordinated by Rob Ellen of Medicine Music publicist promoter and presenter, if you wish to subscribe as a correspondent, join up here and drop Rob a line, he will send you cd's and send you to shows, display and publicise your content.

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January 2018Month
Points Artist / Album Title / Label / * Album of the Month of… (reporter)
1 63
HAYES CARLL / What It Is / Dualtone *RK, *JB,*HB,
2 61
PHIL LEE / The Horse He Rode In On / Palookaville Records *BH, *PvG,
*FB, *PK
3 60
THE DELINES/ Imperial / El Cortez *PK, *FCe, *LK
4 51
VICKY EMERSON / Steady Heart / Independent *MW, *ML
5 42
LULA WILES / What Will We Do / Smithsonian Folkways *MM, *MF
6 34
SUZANNE JARVIE / In The Clear / Wolfe Island *BP
7 29
JESSE DAYTON / On Fire In Nashville / Blue Elan *SZ
8 27
KIERAN GOSS & ANNIE KINSELLA / Oh, The Starlings / Independent
CARSON McHONE / Carousel / Loose Music
TINY LEGS TIM / Elsewhere Bound / Independent *TV, *FC,
11 26
MANDOLIN ORANGE / Tides of a Teardrop / Yep Roc *BM
12 22
LEYLA McCALLA / Capitalist Blues / Jazz Village *DH
13 21
14 21
SIX MILE GROVE / Million Birds / Independent
15 19
BOB SUMNER / Wasted love songs /Self-released *MG
STEVE GUNN / The Unseen in Between / Matador
ROBERT ELLIS / Texas Piano Man / New West *CVL, *DHo
18 19
JOSHUA RAY WALKER / Wish you were here / State Fair *MA
19 18
CAM PENNER / At War With Reason / Self-released *LM
20 15
CHARLEY CROCKETT / Lil G.L.'S Blue / Bonanza
21 14
JARED DECK / Bully Pulpit / Self-released *AN, *AL
MICHAEL CHAPMAN / True North / Paradise of Bachelors
23 13
INA FORSMAN / Been Meaning To Tell You / RUF *EZ
24 12
KAYLAN FAY / Good Company / Horton
RICHARD DOBSON / I Hear Singing / Brambus *JJC
DILLON CARMICHAEL / Hell On An Angel / Riser House *PHe
SELECT CAPTAIN / Off To Save The World / Soundchest *JJ
BRANDON ISAAK / Rise N Shine / Independent *RW
EINAR FLA / Silent String / Grappa *MB
CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE / Sixpack / Self-released *PJ
JAMIE LEE WILSON / Jumping Over Rocks / Self-released *HdB
DALE WATSON / Call Me Lucky / Red House *RH
WEST OF EDEN / Flat Earth Society / West Of Music *PH
JODYMOON / A Love Brand New / Self-Released *JF
ANDREW COMBS / Worried Man (Deluxe Edition) / Loose Music *GF
HALDEN WOFFORD & THE HI BEANS / Hard Core Broken Heart /
Independent *MP
JONATHAN BYRD / Jonathan Byrd & the Pickup Cowboys/ *JH
BILL SHANLEY / Midnight Mission / Cauldron Music *NC
MICKEY GALYEAN & CULLEN’s BRIDGE / Songs From The Blue Ridge /
Rebel *HD
JOE JACKSON / Fool / EarMusic *KG
TIP JAR / Onward / Independent *FS
KC GROVES / Happy Little Trees / Self-released *JH
TIMBER / The Family / Cornelius Chapel *

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